AbotX has both a Community Forum and Issue Tracker. The Community Forum is the best place to search for or post "How do I" questions and hosts general discussions related to AbotX and Abot. The Issue Tracker is specifically for reporting reproducable bugs. Please be sure to provide detailed information and/or easily reproducible code snippets.


The docs should give most users everything they need to get started and use AbotX to its fullest. Docs have been moved to github.

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StackOverflow is another great place to post "how do I" and "how to" questions. Tag questions with "abot", "abotx", "web-crawler" so we are alerted to new posts.

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Custom Development

Need expert customization of Abot or AbotX? Do you need help building an advanced crawling system? Hire the creator of Abot & AbotX to build your solution the right way. Contact at